America's Best Dance Crew: The Battle For The VMA's

Season 2 of America's Best Dance Crew may be over, but the rest of the gang returned for one last show: The Battle For The VMA's. Five crews from the first two seasons competed to appear on the MTV Video Music Awards September 7. In addition, the two winning crews (JabbaWockeeZ and Super Cr3w) came back one last time to perform together and give a preview of the excitement coming on the America's Best Dance Crew live tour.

The show opened with a thrilling performance by JabbaWockeeZ and Super Cr3w, joining forces for a badass performance (choreographed by ABDC's very own Shane SParks) as they danced to a remix of Queen's “We Are the Champions.” The song was rather lame, but the dancing was tight. JabbaWockeeZ delivered their trademark somewhat creepy style (complete with masks), smoothly proving why they won. Then Super Cr3w did their spectacular b-boy tricks. The routine culminated with a JabbaWockee spinning on his head while Do-Knock from Super Cr3w flipped over him, highlighting their beautiful ability to mix their styles.
Here's the clip of their performance:

Then it was time for the five other crews to compete for chance to appear live on the MTV Video Music Awards. Each crew was given a song nominated for a VMA and asked to choreograph a routine inspired by it.

Kaba Modern performs with a mastermix of "4 Minutes” by Madonna featuring Justin Timberlake. Since the show finished, Kaba Modern has been touring all over the world, and we see plenty of footage from Norway, where I guess hip hop dancing is big. Their routine uses a conveyor belt perfectly and features a lot of smooth, sexy moves nicely mixing the guys and girls.
Here's the clip of their performance:

Performing next to a mastermix of Neyo's "Closer" is Break Sk8, the boys who will soon delight audiences across the country on the America's Best Dance Crew tour did their best to appear sexy and effortless, but doing that on skates is a bit tricky. Their gimmick lends itself to some amazing stuff, but a smooth R&B jam is not one of them.
Here's the clip of their performance:

Next is Season 2's runner-ups, SoReal Cru. Performing to a mastermix of "Forever" by Chris Brown, their performance doesn't feature a lot of crazy, innovative stuff, but it's quality, hard-hitting dancing.
Here's the clip of their performance:

Performing to a mastermix of PussyCat Dolls' "When I Grow Up" is Fanny Pak. After the show, the seven members of Fanny Pak got matching lightning bolt tattoos. The way their eyes light up when they see the Pussycat Dolls is hilarious. Even funnier is the fact that the dance begins with Fanny Pak dressed as babies in oversized cribs. Then they strip down to sexy PCD-inspired outfits and rock it out.
Here's the clip of their performance:

The last performance was made by Season 1's runner-up Status Quo, performing to a mastermix of Danity Kane's "Damage". Backstage turmoil resulted in Status Quo breaking up after the show, which makes today's performance all the more difficult because they need to come back together. They're also in trouble because Danity Kane isn't really their style. Still, they have some nice flips and other tricks that they do throughout the routine, though the whole thing seems a bit disjointed and poorly put together. Maybe this is based on the knowledge of their backstage troubles, but it really looks like two different routines haphazardly fused together.

In the end, the judges pick the top three performances, Kaba Modern, SoReal Cru and Fanny Pak were chosen as finalists.

From the remaining crews, the top two, determined by online vote will battle it out on the VMA red carpet pre-show. The winning crew will get to present at the VMA, with $25,000 going to their favorite charity.

XTRA: The Philippine All Stars (fresh from their win at the 2008 World Hip-Hop Championship earlier this month in Las Vegas) were in the house as special guests at the taping. They were invited up onto the stage to perform live for the crowd. They were pretty awesome.

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