VMA 2008: Dance Crew Dance-Off

The rest of the Kaba Modern crew competed against Fanny Pak during MTV’s Video Music Awards opening act. — for a second shot at some ABDC glory. While both crews deserve applause — Kaba for their slick style and Fanny for their theatrics — only one of these guys could win the 25K for a charity of their choosing.

Unfortunately, they were robbed once again (imho) as Fanny Pak won the final battle.

It’s nice though to see Kaba Modern continue to perform at such large venues. I’m sure it won’t be last time we’ll be seeing them. Go Kaba!

Here are the performances, you decide:

Kaba Modern kicks off the first ABDC appearance with Neyo's "Closer."

Fanny Pack performs to Danity Kane's "Damaged."

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