Randy Jackson Presents: America's Best Dance Crew Season 2

Are you ready for the World Series of dance competitions? The Super Bowl of street moves? The steel cage match of pop-lockin'? Then get ready for Randy Jackson Presents: America's Best Dance Crew 2!

Yup, MTV's once again bringing the streets to the stage for the ultimate dance-off. After crisscrossing America looking for the most talented dance crews, 10 groups have been chosen to duke it out during season 2 of America's Best Dance Crew. With everything on the line, these crews must do their best to impress the judges and America -- because only one can walk away a winner.

Host Mario Lopez, backstage correspondent Layla Kayleigh and our expert panel of judges -- singers JC Chasez and Lil Mama and choreographer Shane Sparks -- return to critique each week's heart-stopping, jaw-dropping performances.

During season 1, West Coast wild men JabbaWockeeZ wowed the crowd week after week with their synchronized moves and signature masks, nabbing the coveted title of America's Best Dance Crew and a $100,000 cash prize. But who will be the king of the ring this time around?

Dance crews from across the country will krump, grind and showcase their fancy footwork for the opportunity of a lifetime. The competition is fierce and the stakes are high as the crews battle it out live onstage for dance supremacy. Each week they'll step up to the challenge and show off their skills, and each week one crew will be eliminated until America's Best Dance Crew is revealed.

After each live competition ends, round 2 begins as the experience continues on MTV.com, where their blow-by-blow coverage includes daily rehearsal updates, injury reports and exclusive backstage interviews. Plus, you can submit your own dance videos, which just might be shown on-air, and chat with other fans about which crews are hot and which ones are not.

And guess what else? You'll once again get to vote for your favorite dance crew! Yup, you'll help decide their fates. Then, after MTV count all the votes, the two weakest crews must battle it out on the dance floor in order to get the chance to advance to the next round. In the end, only one dance crew will be left standing.

The only question is: Do you think you'll be able to handle Randy Jackson Presents: America's Best Dance Crew 2?

Here is the Official Commercial of America's Best Dance Crew Season 2 featuring the Season 1's Champion the JabbaWockeeZ!


Originally founded so its members would have a reason to keep dancing after high school, A.S.I.I.D. (And So It Is Done) has evolved into a powerhouse Detroit dance crew. Incorporating their diverse styles into every routine, Meme, Dellalicious, Melissa, Joseph, Tristan and Dreez work together to create dance harmony.
German-born Meme dreams of one day saving up enough money to move to New York City. For now, the Yo-Yo Ma fan spends her days in the Motor City trying to hone her skills and take them to the next level.
Already possessing a stellar résumé that includes gigs with Mariah Carey and Travis Barker, Dellalicious prides herself on being easy to work with. She was the homecoming queen of her high school and loves sipping on a virgin pina colada.
Melissa Benners may be a fearless dancer, but she'll freeze up if she has to take an escalator. Luckily, there are no escalators on America's Best Dance Crew, and she knows it, so she's ready to be fierce.
A man with a plan, Joseph Antonio would eventually like to run his own dance studio. Being hearing impaired hasn't slowed down the tireless A.S.I.I.D. member on his quest for success.
Unlike other aspiring Power Rangers, a young Tristan Fisher took acting classes instead of karate. Fame has always been the name of the game for this sports fan, and he's hoping to use his time on America's Best Dance Crew to inspire others to follow their dreams.
Dreez is excited to be an ambassador for the Detroit dance scene. A simple man, he enjoys cartoons, buffalo chicken and "purple drink."
Hoping to put Detroit on the world dancing map, A.S.I.I.D. is thrilled to be competing on America's Best Dance Crew. They're putting their fate in God's hands, and believe that they can succeed through faith.

Boogie Bots

Hailing from the East Coast, the members of the Boogie Bots -- Jozarmander, Gesture, Migs, Magic Mike and Boogie Mind -- met in 2005 after joining Culture Shock, a youth outreach organization in Washington, D.C. They have been popping and locking together ever since.
Jozarmander, a Virginia native who loves hanging out at the beach and his grandmother's house, grew up wanting to be a comic book artist. But when his father taught him his first wave, he knew he found his true calling.
From Miami, Gesture loves working on new dance moves, playing Rock Band and listening to Maroon 5's "Sunday Morning." Before being picked for America's Best Dance Crew 2, his parents had never seen him perform.
Migs, from Maryland, dreamed of being a Power Ranger, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle or Batman when he was a kid. Now that he's all grown up, he puts all his energy and emotion into being one of the Boogie Bots.
Although he can do a mean impersonation of jazz legend Louis Armstrong, Maryland's Magic Mike prefers to spend his time perfecting his skills on the dance floor and hanging out with friends.
New Jersey native Boogie Mind used to be a total jock, playing varsity hockey for four years, but now his major goal in life is taking the Boogie Bots to the top.
Inspired by JabbaWockeeZ's and Kaba Modern's performances during season 1 of America's Best Dance Crew, the Boogie Bots hope to take the competition up a notch during season 2. With the ability to tackle many styles, from b-boy to hip-hop and everything in between, they think they have what it takes to win. Like TRANSFORMERS, when it comes to these guys, there's more than meets the eye.

Fanny Pack

The Los Angeles-based Fanny Pak formed gradually as a group of friends who took classes together and eventually started to perform for fun. Now, Matt, Glenda, Phillip, Tiffani, Barracuda, Beau and Megan all want the world to know that they're not afraid to "go there." Where? To the top of the heap on America's Best Dance Crew, of course! All while sporting their very own fanny packs...
Team leader and choreographer Matt Cady is the sun in The Fanny Pak solar system, having taught the class where most of the crew met. His crewmate Glenda Morales is a vegetable-loathing Harry Potter fan with an internal alarm clock that wakes her up promptly at 8 a.m. every morning. Less of a morning person and more of a chocoholic, Phillip Collins is relishing the opportunity to be named America's Best Dance Crew. Also hoping to capitalize on the coveted title is kooky aspiring dance therapist Tiffani Grant, who simply lives, eats and breathes dance.
Barracuda thinks her fashion sense captures her personality: loud, crazy, bright and not too serious. Meanwhile, Beau Fournier, Brittney Spears fanatic and raspberry iced tea enthusiast, hopes to inspire people to let their crazy selves come alive when he unleashes his fancy footwork. Rounding out the crew is Canadian Megan Lawson, who is an eBay addict that harbors a love of travel.
Overall, the eclectic crew has a zany style that they hope will put a smile on the faces of the America's Best Dance Crew judges -- and the voters. Though they have serious talent, The Fanny Pak aren't just here to win, they're here to entertain.

Phresh Select

Hailing from Philadelphia, Phresh Select was born in the spirit of unity and brotherly love. Once members of rival crews, Rukkus, Lil-O, Riot the Virus, Smart Mark, Blao and Poppin' Jon came together to create something positive on the rough streets of their hometown.
Rukkus is old-school all the way. For this vinyl-loving Michael Jackson fan, dance isn't a hobby, it's an addiction.
Proud college graduate Virgil "Lil-O" Gadson thinks that versatility is the key to success. The all-around dancer may have a hankering for chicken and strawberry lemonade, but what he's really after is a taste of victory.
As co-founder of the educational hip-hop crew, Face Da Phlave, Riot the Virus knows a thing or two about teaching. His next lecture topic? Phresh Select: How the hottest dancers in the nation took America's Best Dance Crew 2 by storm.
A krumping aficionado, Smart Mark has always wanted to be a dancer. The Chris Brown fan has been waiting for his moment for a long time, and when it comes, he refuses to let it slip through his fingers.
Motivated by his students, soul music fan Blao believes that his crew's stage presence will carry them to the top. Though he's strayed a long way from his childhood dream of being a zoologist, this b-boy specialist hasn't looked back once.
Poppin' Jon hopes his crew can inspire other Philadelphians to set aside their differences and work together. Tired of the violence that plagues his hometown, he wants to spread Phresh Select's message of unity and brotherly love.
In a nutshell: Versatility is the name of the game for this funky sextet. Combining the top dancers from Philly's toughest crews, Phresh Select is surely a force to be reckoned with.

SoReal Cru

The members of Houston's SoReal -- Monkiee Boi, Eye Candy, Pat Lam, Brianbuyoiyoi, Jackstar, Burna and Good Foot -- were all friends before they formed this close-knit dance crew. And the group continues to grow as they meet more and more friends that fit right in.
But just how have all these guys and girls found their niche? Monkiee Boi, who likes to make innovative and unique gifts for people, enjoys dancing because it makes him feel like he's on a never-ending vacation. Eye Candy's love of music began when she started playing the piano, but she soon realized she'd rather be center stage than hiding behind a Steinway. And Pat Lam, who once performed on The Tony Danza Show, boasts of being able to play video games for "25 hours straight."
But they're not the only ones with hidden talents that might rear their heads during America's Best Dance Crew. Off the dance floor, Brianbuyoiyoi likes to write "cheesy" poems. For Jackstar, backstage freestyling is a must before a big show to help her get the "shakies" out. When it comes to Burna, he spends his free time working out, allowing him to eat an entire box of cereal every morning. And as for Good Foot, who grew up wanting to be a modern-day Michael Jackson, he can "slide, glide" and move his feet "like crazy."
Along with smooth, fluid dance moves, SoReal plans to use a little bit of comedy and sex appeal to keep the crowd engaged and nab the title of America's Best Dance Crew. Their style is constantly changing, but their emotions are always raw and real -- SoReal.

Super Cr3w

Super Cr3w is a conglomerate of b-boys from three West Coast dance crews -- Full Force, Battle Monkeys and Knucklehead Zoo -- who battled each other eight years ago and have been friends ever since. Heading into America's Best Dance Crew 2, members Ronnie Rey, Do-Knock, Abenamar Honrubia, Rockadile, Alex Murda and Vex are ready to do battle and obliterate the competition.
But what exactly makes this crew so super? Well, for starters, they have traveled the world showing off their skills, having won countless competitions together and as solo dancers.
Despite the fact that he had heart surgery when he was 4 years old, Ronnie Rey came in first at Red Bull BC One World Championship in Johannesburg, South Africa. Do-Knock appeared on Star Search -- and won! -- while Abenamar Honrubia won Battle of the Year in 2005 and 2006.
But their individual accomplishments don't stop there. Rockadile has won a whopping 35 competitions, including Underdog 3, What Lies Beneath, Who Runs the Deuce and Break It Down. Alex Murda was the IBE (Holland) one-on-one champion and the City Vs. City (Chicago) one-on-one champion. Meanwhile, racking up kudos of his own, Vex has no trouble keeping up with his counterparts and expressing himself onstage.
After watching their friends JabbaWockeeZ win season 1 of America's Best Dance Crew, Super Cr3w decided to throw their hat in the ring. They think their versatility, unique brand of b-boy flavor and individual expertise gives them a leg up on the competition. As Ronnie Rey puts it, they're shooting to be "bigger than the Backstreet Boys!"

Supreme Soul

An offspring of Soul Sector, which formed in 1997, Supreme Soul is made up of seven long-time friends from California. Together, Ge-nius, Kool Raul, Slim, Bionic, Frost, Mitch Sanedrin and Pharside are considered one of the top dance crews in the country. But will that translate to success on America's Best Dance Crew?
Ge-nius thinks so, claiming his crew will make season 2 "more explosive" than ever before. And Kool Raul thinks they'll win because they're "the hungriest" when it comes to claiming the crown. Meanwhile, Bionic says Supreme Soul's unique mix of b-boy, house, hip-hop, popping, locking and animation will put them over the top.
Slim, who got an almost perfect score on the SATs, sees Supreme Soul as a "connection to music through mind and body." Frost, on the other hand, loves to entertain people and uses time on the dance floor as a release. Then there's Mitch Sanedrin, who just enjoys expressing himself through movement. Last but not least, Pharside, one of the top freestylers on the West Coast, strives to one day choreograph routines for top artists like Janet Jackson, Timbaland and Kanye West.
Individually, the members of Supreme Soul see themselves as "beasts" of their own style. But collectively, they create a "monster" -- and that monster has set its sights on being America's Best Dance Crew!

Xtreme Dance Force

Xtreme Dance Force came together the old-fashioned way: a series of auditions. Since then, their super-strict training regimen has honed this suburban Chicago crew into some of the hardest-hitting dancers in the business. Now, JC Renzetti, Nicholas Neri, Step Up, Papa Smurf, Armando Cardona and Pino are ready to take America's Best Dance Crew by storm!
Leading their elite roster is JC Renzetti, future governor of Illinois (he hopes), and brother of Sam Renzetti, the crew's director. Next up is Nicholas Neri, a pure-blood Italian who loves The Godfather and big family meals. His crewmate, Sergio Lopez, is also a fan of Italian food and a self-proclaimed "closet nerd."
The hardworking Step Up promises to "never fake the funk." Also keeping it real is Papa Smurf, a recovering cancer patient whose pre-dance ritual is doing a series of push-ups. Fellow Xtreme Dance Force member and push-up enthusiast Armando Cardona is excited to be living the life of a dancer who made it all the way to America's Best Dance Crew. Rounding out the crew is Pino, a native Filipino who loves a good mojito.
Xtreme Dance Force may not have as much street cred as some of the dance crews from the 'hood, but they think that their slightly preppy style will make them America's sweethearts. That's not to say that these suburbanites can't throw down, as the winners of several major competitions already, this is a crew with skills of the highest caliber.

Distorted X

Though they danced at the same studio for years, The Noise, Lil' Lindsay, D-Hoodie, The Fabulous, Jnug, Kiki and Sayree Chatelain formed Distorted X just months before appearing on America's Best Dance Crew 2. This coed Houston crew feels like destiny is on their side as they tackle the challenge of competing in the big league.
The Texas-size talent pool starts with The Noise, who is an encyclopedia of useless facts. His teammate and Houston Dynamo cheerleader, The Fabulous, is ready to rally a cheering section of her own for once. Meanwhile, rock music fan Lil' Lindsay is excited to tackle some milestones for the fresh crew.
Also ready to rock is Jnug, who has strayed a long way from his childhood dream of being a Power Ranger. A crew member living a little closer to their dream is D-Hoodie, an aspiring dance instructor with a penchant for trashy magazines. Then, helping make everyone's dreams a reality is the highly active sushi-loving Kiki. Lastly, we come to the no-nonsense Sayree Chatelain, who wants to win the title of America's Best Dance Crew so badly she can taste it.
But does Distorted X have what it takes to make it all the way to the top? According to Kiki's consultation with Miss Cleo the psychic, it's already a done deal. Time will tell if it's really in the cards for these smokin' hot dancers with even hotter skills.


Since joining forces on the Rutgers University dance team in New Jersey, the girls of SassX7 have placed in the top 5 of the National Dance Alliance competition year after year. When they step onstage, the seven sassy ladies -- Lindsey, Amanda, Becca, Julia, Madeleine, Felicia and Dominique -- are always ready to bring it on.
Case in point: Lindsey Ritter literally cannot stand still; she is constantly perfecting her skills. Her crewmate, Amanda Cilento, is always up for a challenge, and she especially enjoys performing in front of a crowd. And Becca Lee grew up dreaming of being an Olympic gymnast, which set her sights on always being the best.
But the show-stopping, pop-locking talent doesn't stop there for the sassy seven. A descendant of the Cherokee Nation, Julia Swartz always pushes herself to the limit. Fellow dancer Madeleine Camacho, who has a twin, feels unstoppable when she's onstage showing off her moves. Meanwhile, Felicia Rembert lets all her emotions out while dancing. And rounding out the group is Dominique Conti, whose parents are professional musicians that constantly push her to follow her dreams, no matter where they lead her.
While kicking back and watching season 1 of America's Best Dance Crew, the members of SassX7 got fired up over Fysh N Chicks' success. That all-girl crew set the bar high, but these Jersey girls aspire to raise the roof.
Don't let their good looks and cutesy name fool you, SassX7 give the boys a run for their money. They have sass, skills and maybe even a few tricks up their sleeves!

Season 2 starts Thursday June 19th at 10pm ET/PT. Only on MTV.
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