“The Positive Movement” by Mike Song

Saw this one posted by one of my dancing idol and KABA Modern's very own Mike Song on Blogger and because of the inspirational note I had to post it here!

Random thoughts are coming out... just thought I'd put it in print.

Positivity is the key.
Positivity = Invincibility

If you want something, you can get it.
If you believe you can get it, then you will get it.
You just have to work for it. One way or another you will attain your ultimate goal.
If you work your hardest, you are guranteed to attain a valuable lesson. And that in itself should always be the ultimate goal in the first place. Growth.

As I'm getting a tad bit older, I've been trying to develop somewhat of a concrete template of my character. A "stamp of personality" so to speak.
But the older i get the more I realize that although this "stamp" is important, growth should be a neverending process. It NEVER ends.

I've also been wanting to create some sort of mission statement. I feel as though before I leave UCI there is something I have to leave behind. A message that I can leave behind, and also push forward to the world when I leave. I want to change the world.

Why not, right? If that seems like such a bogus goal, fuck it. I'm gonna go for that "bogus" goal. And it starts here, with this seemingly insignificant facebook note.

I believe that this Positive Movement does not require ultimate positivity at ALL times. Maybe just about 99% of the time. hahaha. That other 1% encompasses all venting/aggression/release
of pain that is necessary as a result of human nature. But in actuality, that release of pain is actually still a positive because it is needed to extend your overall range of emotion

When you go through any seemingly negative situation, just focus on what you can gain from that situation. If the situation has pinched your emotional nerves beyond containment; let it out. Its healthy to let out your emotions in a safe way as long as its not for too long. As long as we can realize the fact that when we go through any emotional low, an emotional high is bound to follow.

All extreme situations in life broaden your spectrum of emotions. and ultimately preparing you for future life situations.

But back to the main concept of digging for positives from any situation. Why do i think thats important? Because it will bring you happiness and self-satisfaction. This is once again, just my own opinion but I believe that self-happiness is an integral part of life and society. Happiness is contagious. Positive encouragement is also a must. Positive encouragement fosters so much growth and can completely redirect peoples lives. Negative energy can also foster growth as well, but only for those who have the drive to fight back and transfer that negative energy into positive energy.

Positive encouragement helps to foster confidence within others. This is KEY. Without self-confidence, you're fucked.
The cultivation of self-confidence within yourself comes before cultivating it within others. If you can't help yourself, you're not ready to help others.

I'm gonna put an end to this note before it gets too long... and I'm getting sleepy. Bottom Line: let's spread the positivity! live it. It's very possible to apply this to your everyday life. Maybe even spread it with a universal gesture. How about a thumbs up? thumbs up anybody i see as a gesture of spreading positivity and an overall reminder to keep applying positvity to everything. There is something to be gained in EVERY moment of our lives!

If you read this far, thank you. If you haven't, thank you. Maybe you were not meant to read it. Or now maybe after reading that last sentence you are now going to read it, so then maybe in actuality you ARE meant to read it. hahah ok im done. this is just the beginning... or the bait...


when the world most needs it...
the robots will come.

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