2008 USA Hip Hop Championship

Over one thousand of the world’s top street dancers will come together in Las Vegas for the 2008 World Hip Hop Dance Championship July 30 - August 3rd. – an event true to the real values of hip hop culture. Crews from 30 nations will serve up their best old school and new school moves in two minute performances determined to capture the world title and international bragging rights.

Going down Saturday, August 2nd in conjunction with the World Hip Hop Dance Championship are the World Battles - Breaking, Popping and Locking - (see World Battle info). The World Battles are state of the art competition for the world’s top bboy/bgirl crews, lockers and poppers who will represent their countries for prizes and world dominance.

The five-day event includes panel discussions with respected living legends and icons of hip hop dance, a funk styles room for traditional old schoolers, popping and locking competition and the Urban Moves dance workshops presented by the most celebrated hip hop dancers and choreographers. Above all, crews meet others from around the world who are equally passionate about hip hop culture and dance. Participating countries to date: USA, Canada, Mexico, Finland, Trinidad & Tobago, Nigeria, Colombia, Brazil, Russia, Argentina, Spain, UK, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, South Africa, Denmark, Australia, India, New Zealand, Nigeria, Singapore, China, Japan, Philippines, Morocco, Portugal, Latvia, Belgium and more to come…

Qualifications within each country will take place to determine who participates in the World Hip Hop Dance Championship. If there isn’t a championship in your country contact Hip Hop International and request a special invitation to participate.

For details and registration information visit: www.hiphopinternational.com

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